Guitar Meisters Library

Applied Theory Pete Roth

Pete will be showing you how to use inversions creatively and how to apply different chord substitutions effectively and musically. You will be studying and applying common harmonic sequences and dive into all things melodic and harmonic minor. We will also look at symmetrical scales and more obscure concepts.

Horn Arranging Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders will introduce you to the harmonic and rhythmic building blocks, instrumentation, style analyses, transcription and experimentation. Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to write your own exciting horn arrangements. 

Rhythm in Guitar Playing with Carter Arrington 

Our Band new Guitar Meister series brings Carter Arrington to the Roth Academy for 6 weeks of right hand rhythm techniques and rhythm in soloing and part creation.

Carter will be focusing strongly on how to develop groove and rhythmic accuracy as well as solo ideas using rhythmic variations.


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