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Applied Theory with Pete Roth


We are delighted to present a comprehensive course on Applied Theory by our very own Pete Roth. Pete is a fantastic musician, incredible guitarist, composer and an experienced educator. It is one thing to hear, read or listen to a theoretical concept, its rules and context, yet it is quite another to apply it to your own instrument and music. Often such concepts can be intimidating or seemingly incomprehensible and that may stop us from actually using them. In this intense and comprehensive course, Pete will share his knowledge and approach and he will guide you to overcome some these potential obstacles. In the these six sessions we will focus on such concepts with a view to breaking them down into digestible bits and applying them in a wider musical context. Together we will deconstruct the technical skills needed to implement them, the theoretical knowledge to analyse them and the creative ideas to make them work musically for you. Pete will be showing you how to use inversions creatively and how to apply different chord substitutions effectively and musically. You will be studying and applying common harmonic sequences and dive into all things melodic and harmonic minor. We will also look at symmetrical scales and more obscure concepts. This is a great opportunity for the serious student of the guitar to clear some of the mist that has been holding you back from being the player you really want to be.




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