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Improvisation with Pete Roth

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In this series we are exploring advanced Improvisation in different musical styles ranging from Blues to Jazz and Latin. This is a workshop based course that encourages you to play along and exploring conceptual ideas through practical application. This course is ideal for anybody that likes exploring music and having fingers and mind engaged at the same time. Starting 28.06.2021 Session duration: 6x60min (approx) Access: Anytime/Anywhere (through our Libaray) Livestream time: 10-11am with Live chat Session breakdown: Where and how to start Improvising? Practicing Improvising in a Blues Context. Expanding from existing knowledge, using pentatonic and major scale strcutires to create new sounds and patterns. Melodic Improvisation, using a Pop, Rock and Latin Music context to explore the improvised creation of coherent melodic phrases. Developing a Swing feel and Improvised (contextual) Comping. Chord Melody Playing, exploring voicings and how to create a Chord Melody solo. Reharmonisations and Superimpositions. This is a great opportunity for the serious student of the guitar to clear some of the mist that has been holding you back from being the player you really want to be.




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