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Developing Language in Improv with Chris Allard

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Chris Allard, Contemporary Jazz Guitar; Developing Modern Language in Improvisation - Techniques, Harmonic and Melodic Devices. SESSION BREAKDOWN 1. Overview; and approaches to diatonic and non-diatonic harmony and chord-sequences, 2. Scales and modes - methods to integrate and apply major, melodic and harmonic minor and harmonic major modes. Symmetrical scales - how to integrate and use the diminished and augmented scales. 3. Time signatures; odd-meters, rhythmic displacement, rhythmic groupings. Motivic development and solo structure - methods and exercises for developing and refining your improvising. 4. Integrating lines, harmonic devices and techniques through transcription and analysis - how to internalise this material. 5. Practice routine; developing a structured and effective approach to practice with long-term aims and benefits.




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