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Applied Rock Techniques with Sam Bell


Applied Rock and Fusion techniques under the microscope. start 09.02.2022 SESSION BREAKDOWN 1. Breaking up Boxes, Phrasing and Rhythmic Groupings - Ways of breaking up scale patterns, modern prog phrasing techniques and developing lines with rhythmic groupings. 2. "313s & 212s" Fretboard Visualisation/Lines – Breaking up diatonic/pentatonic scales with 313 and 212 system with legato, economy and hybrid picking. 3. "7th Arpeggios/Hexatonic/Super Impositions "– Rock approaches to ‘fusion’ concepts 4. Legato & Combination Picking 101 – Technique Primers and Licks. 5. Tapping & String Skipping – Technique Primers and Licks 6. Hybrid Picking & String Skipping – Technique Primers and Licks




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