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Life is a Highway - Rascal Flats (Transcription Challenge)
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May 12, 2021
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Hi Greg, what a fantastic track to transcribe and your questions show that you are an experienced player since you are raising all the points that make transcribing expressions in guitar parts tricky to write and read. Without listening to the track but looking at the work you have done, a few things come to mind that may be worth considering. Those are conventions that help recognising other players certain expressive techniques and help with reading busy lines. Split the 8th note rest into two 16th so each beat is exposed separately, often when we learn to read we learn 1 beat patterns that we can recognise like words when reading a book. It also helps with keeping time since we can connect our eye with our inner timing. If the notes are ghosted (muted) you can write the X in brackets (X) but alternatively you can write PM... and a dotted line. However that can be a little busy if the actual octave part is not muted. In this case a simple written instruction is totally fine: PM all percussive strokes for example. 3. If beat 3 and 4 the first two 16th are played as a slide you would write a diagonal line up or down.(see pic 3) The way notated would be a hammer on and pull off. (The slur indicated legato). 4. The other thing that can really improve the playing is by having the style and general guitar tone mentioned. i.e Rock (left hand side above or below the tempo), and clean guitar (between the two staves or above if space). Keep up the great work and really looking forward what other guys have to say on this. Stay safe, Pete
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